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Friday, 25 November 2011

Remove unused items from "open recent databases" from Microsoft access

Although it is not a new problem but today when my friend told me that he has accidently deleted his one of Databases from his computer and just want to delete the name of that database from "open recent database" section because when he clicks on that database link some pop up like "could not find C:\documents and settings\home\mydocuments\faculty.accdb"  comes.

and he told me to solve this.
For this problem there is no official settings which you can apply to ms access to get rid of the deleted names from the list. Before ms access 2007 (i.e in ms access 2003 or earlier) you were able to change the setting from  
tool >options >general and then change the " recently used file list " setting to 0.
but for access 2007 or more you can't do this to remove such files go to registry editor by typing regedit in your run command and the follow these steps.
first close Access then
go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\office\12.0\Access\Settings
and then delete the key values MRUx (like MRU1, MRUDate1, MRUFlag1) where x corresponds to your database that is now deleted, open Access and now you will find that your problem is over.


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